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DJ / DVJ and producer, NYK, aka Nikhil Sahni is a unique artist who has successfully brought together two seemingly disparate worlds. He is the man responsible for making audiences worldwide, wake up to what could best be termed a two-fold amalgam, of Bollywood beats and electronic dance music. Blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected sounds, he has synthesized and resynthesized the two in ways most artists won’t ever comprehend. NYK’s rise as an artist has been meteoric to say the least. And while any success story would come replete with its years backed by unyielding perseverance and unbridled passion, NYK has been a born experimenter, in a habit to string together meaningful pieces of self-expression. Needless to say, in the process, he has won many a hearts and topped many a Bollywood music charts. His indefatigable spirit to constantly discover new and enthralling music for his listeners, coupled with his vibrant energy and an enviable ear for first-rate music, have ensured that the force of this passion of his life is conveyed to one and all. At the age of 27, DJ NYK is already a sensation, a phenomenon to be reckoned with. A Facebook fan base crossing over 1 Million and a multiple-world-tour repertoire to boast of, he is the cynosure of all eyes and ears alike.The “King of Remixes” has also won the best Bollywood DJ Award a record breaking 3 Times at the 2012, 2013 & 2016 VH1 MYFAV Awards & was a part of the prestigious All Stars League in 2014 & 2015.


Electronyk Academy, a brainchild of DJ NYK, is a cutting-edge electronic music production and DJ school in the capital city of India, New Delhi for experienced and aspiring artists alike. Its an ever-growing community of musicians, DJs, visual artists, audio professionals, veteran producers and enthusiasts of all genres who share one thing – A genuine passion for music. WWW.ELECTRONYKACADEMY.COM


Unknotting the very grammatical thread of music his soul-baring, foot-thumping sounds have earned him a place in the critics’ best books as well. The leading audio and entertainment brand, Pioneer has also honored DJ NYK by choosing him as their official DJ/ Brand Ambassador for India in the year 2009-2010. The leading brand in headphones, V-MODA has recently chosen him for Brand Ambassador for India (2017).


Having constantly striven to break boundaries NYK has forever pushed the creative envelope. He is the first dj to introduce the concept of PODCASTS in India. In 2009, DJ NYK took a new initiative to put together a mixtape for dance music aficionados showcasing budding talent from across the world. He compiled many of his remixes, renditions by other uprising producers and chart-topping international dance music hits into one mixtape. What resulted was the ELECTRONYK PODCAST. The first episode being a huge success inspired him to keep compiling such music and showcasing the talent of various remixers on a solid platform. Ever since he has compiled 12 episodes of the ELECTRONYK PODCAST some spanning as long as 6 hours, power-packed with the latest and greatest in dance music. The podcast has also drawn support from various artists and producers and has become a much awaited musical event every year. The release of every episode of the podcast is celebrated by a special pre-release run of the podcast on various Radio Stations across the globe.

#ElectronykPodcast8 trending on Twitter is a testimony to the rising popularity of NYK’s initiative. Now having worked in the industry for 8 yrs, NYK has earned the respect from fellow Dance Music Producers, DJs, and fans all over the world for his commitment to bringing quality music through his signature electronic dance music productions and numerous DJ sets worldwide.

DJ NYK’s Electronyk Podcast has been listed #1 Indian Podcasts on iTunes several times and has been featured on iTunes ‘What’s Hot’ list as well. Electronyk Podcast 11 went viral and was trending at the #1 position on Twitter during the broadcast!


He also has to his credit the introduction of Video D-Jing (DVJ) in India. NYK’s un-flailing enthusiasm serves as a reminder that an artist is a creator. His new live act called the “Electronyk Show” is one of the most talked about arena show created by an Indian Artist. A solo show designed & programmed by NYK for the music enthusiasts that will tickle their retinas with sense altering visuals, synchronized lighting, Pyro-techniques & mind blowing music beyond genres! A show that sits neatly at the meeting point of cutting-edge music and technology. Currently in its beta phase, NYK plans to kick off the full version of “Electronyk Show” Concert in 2016. His illuminating ideas do for music what Monet did for art or Spielberg for film. The rest as they say is music-history.


1) VH1 MyFav Award for India’s Best Bollywood DJ 2012

2) MyFav Award for India’s Best Bollywood DJ 2013

3) MyFav Award for India’s Best Bollywood DJ 2016


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